REFILLS…at last!

We’re super delighted to announce that we have finally found a way to bring you great value refills for our ‘Anything & Everything’through the post.
The answer is in our super-concentrate which we pop into a 500ml aluminium pouch which you just top up with water, put the top on and give it a shake then it’s ready to be used. Because it’s so much lighter than our normal bottles it only costs (April 2020) 88p second class and £1.15 first class which we think you’ll agree offers excellent value for money.
We’ll be working on supplying refills for our other products too so watch this space.
Oh and after spending all day on the website stretching my brain with techie nerd stuff such as ‘attributes’ (Oh God it was painful!) I think the refills are now on the website (??) I think I have also managed to reinstall the fragrance options for the ‘Anything & Everything’ too although I’m so useless at this stuff that I may not have – if you notice any issues please do let me know.
I have the deepest respect for you lovely techie nerd types who do this for a living and who probably could’ve done what has taken me all day in 2 minutes.
I hope that you are all staying safe and well and hope to see you all when these historic times have passed.
Lots of love Rebecca and all the team Xx

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