Quotes are provided during our initial consultation. However, we do reserve the right to adjust this due to unforeseen circumstances (remodels, additional occupants and or pets) or if you ask for an ad-hoc service which will take more time.  We are usually happy to do this however, when ad-hoc services have not been discussed in advance, please be aware that time restrictions may mean that we cannot always oblige you. 


Ordinarily we will agree a time and date with you during the consultation however if this is not discussed then by default the cleaner will come during working hours (09.00 – 17:00). At times, especially during the Summer, traffic can be problematic and therefore can cause delays. Any time missed will be made up on the day, or if not possible then during the very next clean.  


Access to the property will be arranged during the consultation. We are happy to hold keys for clients however we would request that 2 copies are made (one for the cleaner and one for Innoscent’s owner in the case of an emergency where they may have to cover for the cleaner). If you no longer wish to use our services then your keys will be returned to you immediately. If we cannot access the property to carry out an arranged clean for any reason that is not within our control, we reserve the right to charge you the full fee to cover the time and inconvenience caused to the cleaner.


Our staff will bring everything needed for the clean except a vacuum and toilet brush which we would ask you to leave in a visible area. 


We accept all major debit and credit cards although prefer payment to be made via BACS. If payment has not been received within 3 days after the clean has been carried out we will contact you. If we do not receive payment following that and do not hear from you then your following clean will be cancelled. 


Life happens! So if for any reason you need to cancel your arranged clean please let us know ASAP.  We require at least 24hours notice and after this reserve the right to charge the full fee to cover the time and inconvenience to our cleaner. If we need to cancel a clean due to unforseen circumstances then we will happily refund you although this is extremely rare as cover can usually be arranged. Please let us know if you would rather cancel your clean than have cover as failure to do so will mean that we will charge the full fee, again to cover the cleaners time and inconvenience.


We require all clients to provide parking for every clean. If any parking fees occur during the cleaning, clients are required to cover such fees. In the eventuality that roadworks prevent access to the property, then it is the customer’s responsibility to give Innoscent Cleaning notice of this so we can discuss how the cleaner will access the property.


We ask that you not request our staff to move anything over 25 lbs. We are pet-friendly; however, if your pets have free range of the house, we request that you meet the cleaning team the first time for an introduction, and give any special instructions. If your pets are aggressive or protective when alone, we request that you board them or make other arrangements during the cleaning.

We also ask to be notified 24 hours before a cleaning if the household occupants have been sick as a safety precaution to our team and other clients. In addition, the home cannot have any kind of infestation.

Our cleaners have the right to refuse any job or task (climbing ladders, using chemicals, cleaning specific areas, etc.).



We do not clean ovens or any outside areas. Freezers are also not covered. We do not clean up after pets. Urine and feces will not be cleaned up and the area around any pet waste will be skipped. Other bio-hazardous areas are also not covered (human waste, blood, and feminine hygiene products/discards, etc.). Kitchen bins and wastebins etc are not included unless by prior arrangement.


If you have any questions or concerns about your cleaning, please contact us immediately. Due to the nature of this industry, clear communication is key to ensuring your complete satisfaction is our top priority. Every home is different and every client has different expectations. We do our best to ensure the client’s happiness, but cannot assess and correct a complaint if too much time has elapsed. We therefore ask that if you are not happy that you address this as soon as possible with the cleaner. However, when this is not possible then please contact Rebecca within 24 hours on 07876 829426 preferably with photographs to evidence the reason for your complaint. We will then arrange for the situation to be remedied to your satisfaction. Please be aware that we do not provide refunds on our services.


We pride ourselves on being exemplary and as such you can always expect a respectful and professional service. We would also expect our cleaners to be treated with respect and courtesy. Our cleaners have the right to refuse any clean if they feel their safety is in jeopardy. For any special circumstances (for example, working at height), this would be arranged in advance and using a cleaner who has been properly trained to carry out such work.


As a client, you agree not to personally hire any present or former employees. Employees also agree to not clean for hire outside of Innoscent Cleaning’s client base.