Not only are our products homemade and eco-friendly, but we do our very best to make sure that our equipment is too. For your peace of mind, we have included a list of our cleaning equipment, so you can be assured of our green credentials.

Cleaning Equipment
Dustpan, brush, broom, glass squeegee, scrubbing brushes – Greener Cleaner (100% made from recycled wood and
Kitchen Scouring Pads – Ecoforce (100% recycled fibre)
All surface scrubbing cloths – Kilo euroScrubby (100% cotton, recyclable)
Microfibre cloths – e-Cloth (effective at removing bacteria to 99% using
only water. For clients who prefer not to have a
fragrance. Also, as e-Cloths are washable
rather than disposable, this saves energy in the
production and maintenance of the cloths which are
guaranteed for 300 washes.
Mop – e-Cloth (as above)

If you are a local Cornish company who supplies environmentally friendly cleaning equipment then please feel free to get in touch, as we’d love to hear from you.