Corona Virus update. And back in stock! (nearly everything)

So just about everything is back in stock apart from the ‘It’ll Be All White’.
We hope that you are all keeping well in these unprecedented times. There seems to be an awful lot of panic about but if you do have any concerns that you may have the Corvid – 19 virus then it’s best not to jump to conclusions but consult a healthcare professional before assuming the worst.
To help protect yourself against contracting the Corona Virus wash hands regularly upon touching surfaces outside your normal environment and/or sanitise your hands regularly while out and about. You can use our ‘Something in the Air’ as a natural hand sanitiser and it smells much nicer than other synthetic hand sanitisers.

We are operating as usual but we would ask our cleaning service clients to get in touch straight away if they are unwell in anyway. This is so we can protect our staff accordingly. Likewise we are monitoring our team’s health and will advise if any of them become ill as our customer’s health is our number one priority which is one of the many reasons we use our 100% natural cleaning products.

Let’s all hope that this nightmare is over soon and we can all get back to normal. Until then we all hope that you stay safe and well.

Love and best wishes,
Rebecca and all the team Xx

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