Website back up and running!

Self-confessed technical imbecile fixes her website (yes, I am talking about me).

Phew! So, the website is back up and running after suffering a rather scary 'critical error' on Friday. WordPress helpfully notifies you via a message on your admin site as well as a link alongside the message but rather unhelpfully uses contradictory language which only the lovely techy nerds can decipher. Not being a lovely techy nerd, I was at a loss. I contacted people I knew and some I didn’t in order to help.

A huge thank you to Nigel Pengelly at The Media Runner who took time out of his very busy schedule to offer advice. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to get it sorted before close of play on Friday so this meant that you, my lovely customers, wouldn’t have been able to log in or buy any products over the weekend as the error prevented anything other than the home page from opening.

The lovely Nigel very kindly contacted me first thing today (Monday) to pick up where we left off on Friday however, SHOCKER ALERT… I, me, myself, yes me managed to fix it!!! Excuse all the exclamation marks but I can’t quite believe it and I’m pretty sure that those of you out there who know me, won’t either.

Now I am feeling rather #smugface about it all so I wanted to share my secret about how I became a lovely techy nerd.

And the secret is (drum roll please…….) YouTube. It’s blooming fantastic! It’s such an amazing resource that I must confess I just didn’t really tune into before. Then my partner needed to fix his window wiper over the weekend, and he found a video showing him exactly how to do it. That made me think, “Hmmmm, I wonder if that would work for my website issue?”. I just simply typed in my critical error message and it immediately showed me how to fix it.

So, the moral of the story is, next time you experience technical difficulties then try out YouTube and you too can be a lovely techy nerd and a little bit #smugface to boot.

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