It’s Spring!! So Here Are Some Spring Cleaning Tips…

So, it may not feel like it but Spring is here!!! Lots of people ask me about how best to Spring clean their home and my advice is to do it one room at a time and:
1. Be a bit brutal: if you haven’t used those roller skates for the last 6 years, then pass them on to someone who would love them; you haven’t worn that dress that still has the label on it in the last year, so make some money from it and put it on an auction/boot sale site.
2. Don’t throw things away needlessly, reuse where possible, or donate to charity.
3. Keep all sentimental items in a memory box ie. one place and I would highly recommend that place be somewhere that, in the event of a fire, you can easily grab it on the way to safety.
4. Don’t get sidetracked! Stay focused and think about how virtuous you’ll feel once your done – because you really will you know?!
5. Once you’ve cleared the decks, start cleaning and work from top down, starting at one point and working around to that point again so you don’t miss any bits.
6. Don’t forget plugs and switches and the flex. Please don’t spray water or splash water near plugs or electricals! Instead either turn off the electric or just use a damp cloth carefully.
Of course, I would recommend that you use environmentally friendly products or invest in some e-cloths which only need warm water.
7. After all of your hard work, stand back and admire it!
8. Treat yourself – you deserve it!☺☺☺

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